**As Yoda might say, "A couple of changes to our color scheme, we have made."

We have combined Green and Black to

"Charleston Green" which is Black with a Greenish sheen; kinda like looking at a Blackbird's wing. 

Some call it black and others, dark, dark, dark, green. Regardless, we think you will find it very pretty indeed.

Of course Brown is still number "1" on the sales chart.



Max & Marilyn       Jim & Mary

Hammock Chair Stand

$199  + Shipping


The Original Hammock Chair was developed by Jim Newby in 1979, in Huntsville, Alabama.  Jim spent 35 years as an electronic technician at Redstone Arsenal, but in his spare time, and many man-hours later, he developed and patented the most comfortable chair imaginable; a Nylon, hanging, net chair that is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.  Over the years, several individuals and importers copied and began making a version of the Original Hammock Chair, but we still hold the distinction of making the only true, all American, Hammock Chair...... made from100% Dupont Nylon and is convertible to a full-length hammock, up to 7 ft long.

Jim and his brother, Max, have been making and marketing this amazing product for more than 30 years.  They take the credit but actually, this is a family business where children, grand children, nieces and nephews all  play a part.  Meet the Construction Crew