**As Yoda might say, "A couple of changes to our color scheme, we have made."

We have combined Green and Black to

"Charleston Green" which is Black with a Greenish sheen; kinda like looking at a Blackbird's wing. 

Some call it black and others, dark, dark, dark, green. Regardless, we think you will find it very pretty indeed.

Of course Brown is still number "1" on the sales chart.


Hammock ChairStand

$199  plus shipping

Here are some of our upcoming shows for 2016:

Email us for details.

February 5-16                 Florida State Fair  Tampa, FL

April        12-15                Smoky Mtn Art's Craft, Gatlinburg, TN

April        22-23                Big Shanty, Kennesaw, GA

May        11                     (one day show) Canton, MS

May        20                     (One day show) McDonough, GA

July        28- Aug 7          Virginia Highlands,  Abingdon, VA

Sept       7-10                   Yellow Daisy Festival, Atlanta, GA

Oct         12                      Canton, MS

Oct         14-15                 Apple Festival, Ellijay, GA  

Oct         15-16                 Apple Festival, Ellijay, GA (2 weekend show)

Nov         3-5                    Craftsman's Classic  Richmond, VA

Nov         11-13                Craftsman's Classic  Columbia, SC

Nov         18-20                Christmas Made in the South  Savannah, GA

Nov          23-27               Smoky Mtn Art's Craft, Gatlinburg, NC

Dec          1-3                    Holiday Fair   Greenville, SC